• Service sourcing - for those clients that prefer to work as directly as possible with the actual overseas producers, Eco Agri offers end-to-end services that can address any aspect of sourcing and procurement, from strategy, organization, people, processes, formulation and technology. We help our clients in developing procurement strategies. We assist with the selection of suppliers which truly offer competitive advantages, negotiate terms, streamline information flows and handle complaints and issues when they arise.
  • Branding - at our state of the art packaging line in the Netherlands we are able to support our clients with the branding of their product. We help designing the packaging and logos as well as we are able to provide any kind of packaging that our customers request.
  • Supply chain support - by combining the procurement of freight Eco Agri supports its clients with the setup of FOB (Free-On-Board)-procurement in order to reduce costs. Our teams in Germany and China support our clients to arrange all components of the shipping process.
  • Quality Assurance - In order to secure that the ingredients and additives we source and sell are of the highest and agreed standards and in line with the food and/or feed safety regulations Eco Agri offers specialized quality services like accredited 3rd party audit service as well as inspection & pre-shipment testing services.

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