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Explore Eco Agri’s diverse range of starches and flours for food applications, featuring potato-based and tapioca-based products. Our portfolio includes native and modified starches ideal for thickening, binding, and texturizing in soups, sauces, and snack foods. Sourced sustainably from Europe and Thailand, our products meet the highest standards for quality and include options for organic and clean-label requirements. Perfect for culinary innovations across the food industry, Eco Agri’s solutions ensure superior performance and taste.

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Discover Eco Agri’s extensive selection of sugars, high-intensity sweeteners, and polyols, perfect for reducing sugar intake while maintaining sweetness. Our products include non-GMO and gluten-free tapioca-based sweeteners like maltodextrin for fat replacement, glucose syrup for low-sweetness needs, and dextrose monohydrate for balanced flavoring. We also offer polyols such as maltitol and sorbitol, providing sugar-like sweetness with fewer calories, ideal for diabetic and low-calorie diets. Eco Agri is your partner in innovative and healthy sweetening solutions.

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Explore Eco Agri's premium range of food additives sourced from top-tier European and North American producers. Our products enhance flavor, ensure protection, fortify nutrition, and improve functionality. Key offerings include antioxidants like Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate, energy-boosting Caffeine Anhydrous, detoxifying D-Glucuronolactone, performance-enhancing Taurine, and preservatives such as Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate. We also provide Citric Acid and DL Malic Acid, widely used for their flavor-enhancing properties in various beverages and confectioneries. Committed to quality and safety, Eco Agri additives are integral to creating superior food products.

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Explore Eco Agri's extensive selection of plant-based proteins, ideal for food, pet food, and animal nutrition. Our range includes pea protein in powder and pellet forms, potato protein for pets with allergies, and non-GMO soy protein available as flour, concentrates, and isolates. Additionally, we offer mung bean and fava bean protein isolates rich in essential amino acids and antioxidants, highly digestible rice protein, and vital wheat gluten to enhance bread's texture and volume. We also provide various grades of egg powders, perfect for baking and cooking needs. Eco Agri's proteins support sustainable eating and are designed to meet the diverse nutritional demands of today’s market.

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Eco Agri's Premium Dried Gum Acacia is a cornerstone ingredient trusted globally for producing stable beverage emulsions. Naturally over 90% soluble dietary fiber, Gum Acacia is completely soluble, distinguishing it from modified starches and other altered ingredients. Its ease of incorporation makes it ideal for a variety of applications including beverages, cereal bars, baked goods, and dairy products. Eco Agri ensures the highest quality by offering Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal certified Gum Acacia, supporting health benefits with superior purity and performance.

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Eco Agri's hydrocolloids are pivotal for enhancing texture and consistency across various products, from dairy to desserts and sauces. Our selection includes Guar Gum for thickening, Xanthan Gum for its versatile stability, and Carrageenan for perfect gelling in dairy-based products. Committed to quality, we offer Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal certified options, making our hydrocolloids indispensable for innovative and appealing food and beverage solutions.Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible nich.

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At Eco Agri, we are more than just a leading supplier; we are your partner in innovation and sustainability.

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Experience our worldwide influence with expert logistics and a network spanning continents. Wherever you are, Eco Agri is there to support you with tailored solutions.

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Extensive Portfolio

Our comprehensive range of products caters to the food, pet food, feed, aquafeed, and industrial sectors. From classic offerings to innovative solutions, we have everything you need.

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In a world full of surprises, count on Eco Agri to provide steadfast and reliable supply chains. Our proactive approach ensures continuous product availability and optimal performance.


Technical Expertise and Product Formulation

Leverage our technical acumen as we collaborate to refine product formulations that enhance quality and efficiency, setting new industry benchmarks.


Trustworthy Partnership

As your dependable ally, we commit to not only meeting but exceeding the highest standards of product quality and customer service. Trust us to always deliver on our promises.

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Market Expansion Opportunities

With Eco Agri, explore and capture new market opportunities. Our extensive and evolving selection includes organic and sustainably-produced products, aligning with global trends toward environmental responsibility.

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